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It's All About The River!

Explore Cassville

Time to Explore Cassville's Best!

Explore Cassville

Cassville is a small village located along the main channel of the Mississippi River. Nestled between the scenic bluffs and the mighty Mississippi River, Cassville is surrounded with natural beauty, and the quiet and peace of days gone by with activities to fit anyone’s definition of relaxation.


There are plenty of back water sloughs and lakes, perfect for your kayak, canoe, or fishing boat. Take a ride on the historic Pride of Cassville car and pedestrian Ferry. Walk, bike, or just relax with a picnic in our beautifully landscaped Riverside Park and watch the ever-changing scenery as pleasure boats, barges, and cruise ships motor by while eagles soar overhead.

"Love Cassville and everything about it ♡♡♡!" - Terry N Chuck

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Explore Cassville

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Explore Cassville
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