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Mississippi Market
Cassville's Mississippi Market aims to unite local vendors and communities, offering a diverse range of products from farm-fresh produce, baked goods, jams, salsa, and flowers to handmade crafts.
The market also hosts talented local musicians who entertain shoppers with original tunes and cover songs while they browse and enjoy coffee from Driftless Coffee nearby.
Visit the market to show your support, and indulge in delicious meals provided by local organizations serving breakfast and lunch.
For updates on featured musicians and food vendors, visit Cassville’s Mississippi Market Facebook page.
  • LOCATION - Volunteer Park - 304 Denniston Street, Cassville
  • LIVE MUSIC - Local Performers

  • LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS – Serving Breakfast or Lunch as fundraisers

  • OPEN - Every other Saturday - 8:00am - 12:00pm
                     Memorial Day weekend through the end of September
  • The Cassville Car Ferry crosses the Mississippi River, taking you from Cassville to Millville, Iowa.  
    • Memorial Day - Labor Day: Seven days a week | 10:00am to 8:00pm. 
    • From the Iowa side if you want, you can park your car, walk on the Ferry, and visit the Market and local businesses.  The Market is within walking distance of the Cassville Car Ferry landing.
Explore Cassville

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Explore Cassville

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potosi tennyson farmers market
You can visit the Potosi-Tennyson Market on the opposite weekend of the Cassville Mississippi Market.
Potosi Tennyson Driftless Gate Market
Explore Cassville
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