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Explore Cassville

Cassville's dining scene provides a wide array of specialty and comfort foods to satisfy different palates.

Enjoy a variety of drinks with delicious food, creating a relaxing experience. The food and drink scene invites residents and tourists to savor life's pleasures. Indulge in a range of desserts like ice cream, donuts, and pastries.

Cassville also boasts a charming family-run grocery store, packed with goodies galore! A beer cave, an impressive array of liquor and wine, plus all the must-haves to make your visit with us perfect.

amelias treats

We offer something for everyone: Ice cream, chocolates, bulk candy, and old fashioned novelties, one of a kind gifts, and accessories.

112 E. Amelia St.
Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-5051

Amelia's Treats
Cassville BP

Breakfasts, Hometown Pizzas, Hot & Cold Subs, Sandwiches & Appetizers

316 Denniston St. Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-5181

Cassville BP
Cassville BP
Driftless Coffee
driftless coffee

"We stopped at the Driftless Coffee Co and it was great. The drinks and the baked goods were fantastic. The service was wonderful, very friendly. The atmosphere was very relaxing." - K. Bartels

101 W. Amelia St.   Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-9020

Cassville BP
Drfitless Coffee
J&J's Sandbar

Daily Lunch Specials - Buffets - Nightly Specials - Homemade Pizzas

1110 E.  Amelia St.
Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-5055

J&J's Sandbar
mccartney corners

Come for the beer, stay for the personality!

8193 State Road 133
Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 763-2336

McCartney Corners
Moon's Town Pump

Moon's is a casual tavern & restaurant with a diverse menu and a fun atmosphere!
We love getting to know our customers!

118 E. Amelia St, Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-5175

Moon's Town Pump
Moon's Town Pump

Generous Cocktails, Cold Beer and wine, Sioux City Sodas, Sandwiches, Soups & Appetizers. Outdoor Seating.  Pet Friendly.

218 E. Amelia St.

Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-2142

Sonchasers Social Club
Sonchasers Social Club
the neighborhood slush
best of the best

"Voted by Shopping News Readers!"

Our boutique wines and wine slushies are all hand-selected and carefully tasted to provide the very best for my wine friends like you.​

103 W. Amelia St.

Cassville, WI 53806

(608) 725-9090

The Neighborhood Slush
The Neighborood Slush
The Spot

New Convenience Store & Cafe
212 Crawford St.
Cassville, WI 53806

(515) 538-0137

Sonchasers Social Club
Sonchasers Social Club
tways lighthouse lounge

Stage for live music, 
Fireplace installed for the cooler nights, Popcorn machine for snackin',
TVs for football games and other sports!

117 E. Amelia St.
Cassville, WI 53806
(608) 725-9053

Tway's Lighthouse Lounge
whitetail bluff resort
Our full-service restaurant features a spacious seating area and a very large bar. We even have outdoor seating overlooking the pool! Open to seasonal campers, guests and non-campers!  

8973 Irish Ridge Rd.

Cassville, Wisconsin 53806

(608) 725-5577
Whitetail Bluf Resort
Explore Cassville
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